Implementation of an agile, modern, and scalable design process to support the product team's growth and improve the design-dev handoff.


Casavo is the leading European PropTech platform redefining home-selling and buying.

My role

I led the mobile app redesign and implemented a scalable, cross-team, and company-wide design system.

Product Design
Design System
Team Leading

From a simple redesign to a new process

The project's initial goal was to support the product team in designing new features and improving the user experience in the existing UIs. The real need was to lay the foundation for a new modern design process.

Redesign of the design system

Reorganization of Figma projects and files according to a new systemic approach to better maintain consistency across multiple products. Implementation of atomic design.
From the simple colors mapping
To a structured semantic-oriented color palette
From a single sheet of typography
To a responsive typographic system designed for handoff and based on a standard scale
From static components
To responsive, reusable, documented components that support states and variants in the most common uses.

Redefining design processes to increase product quality without decreasing velocity.

When the team grows from a single to multiple designers, it's important to implement scalable processes otherwise the design system doesn't work.‍
The solution: Dual-Track Agile.
Introduction of discovery processes into the product board
New design workflow based on the alignment between Jira and Figma through the ID of user stories
Standardization of handoff design-dev via templates and versioning

From simple redesign to a new mindset

All new screens use the atomic components of the design system, have responsive layouts, and are implemented on Storybook.


The design team went from a single designer supporting a single squad and working mainly on a few large Figma files outside any agile processes, to a team of 3 designers and a Design Lead supporting two squads.

The new design team began to work in a scalable way, maintaining product consistency while complexity was increasing and paralleling the handoff of multiple business stories.

These results provide the basis for a reduction of the time to market and a concrete level-up in design culture.


"Vincenzo went from being an individual contributor to leading our design team [...]. He pushed us to improve the quality of our day-to-day activities and took us a leap forward in terms of customer experience and process implementation."

Alessandro Dadone

Head of Product @ Casavo